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 Imagine playing the beautiful game on a gorgeous afternoon, dribbling the ball down the field with your eyes set on the goal. Next, your opponent knocks you into the ground sending you tumbling into the grass. As you look to the referee, what is your next thought? Are you hoping to hear the whistle for a foul call or will you start rolling around to bounce back up to your feet? 


Let us explain

Bubble Soccer is a full-time game which puts soccer players inside a bouncy, inflatable orb. The soccer bubble suits allow you to knock into opponents sending them flying all around while you bounce straight back up, all while playing a game of soccer. Bubble Soccer loosely follows the rule of the World’s game. The objective of the game is to score against your opponents, but it has the added twist of knocking each other down. You could argue that this is one of those games where defense is definitely more fun!


Players’ hands are inside the bubble holding onto two handles; 

players also have to maintain balance using just their legs. 

Moving around on the field is crucial so the giant bubble levels out the playing field for players of different sizes.